TACHOVIEN - new prehistoric discovery locality

Dear readers.

  It would be my great pleasure to offer you brief information about the discovery of heretofore unknown prehistoric archeological location in the area of the Czech Republic.
In the field area not far from the West Czech town Tachov a prehistoric center of processing of caught animals was discovered.
  The morphology and the character of stone tools obtained by surface collection so far shows their paleolithic origin. Most likely the Gravettian era or even older era. The dating of the discovery was not yet reliably verified. The location is very exceptional because of the number of prehistoric industrial artefacts. But there are also other aspects in the existing discovery which seem to be exceptional taking into consideration the knowledge about the development in the Central Europe in the late paleolithic period.
  Therefore I assume that publication of the acquired information even in the current stage of yet primal and with difficulties interpretable discoveries from the locality of Tachov will attract the attention of the experts as well as lay public.

Author: MVDr. Pavel Kroupa